Florence & Wladimir M.
The vineyard & Evil remixes

labelEevoNext Recordings
We proudly present the first full album release on EevoNext Recordings. It is the perfect bridge between the past and the future, this being an excellent remix album of two classics on the label. Florence's 'US heritage' and Wladimir M.'s 'As the leaves fall' were restored and remastered last year and released on vinyl and digitally. We retrieved some of the original music parts, supplied them to an international group of friends and producers we admire, and they came up with 10 excellent remixes of the tracks 'Evil' and 'The Vineyard'. The melancholy and vocals inspired the remixers to produce a wide range of great music to listen and dance to. We also found an unreleased remix by Peter Ford we restored, remastered and added to sum this album up. Featured are dub master Brendon Moeller aka Beat Pharmacy, NewScottsMan Mr. Arne Weinberg, EevoNext member The Moderator, Dutch techno heroes Duplex, Barcelona man Dave Tarrida, London's Justin Berkovi, deep Germans Neurotron, Ravemaster 'Altern8 aka Nexus21' Mark Archer, Peter 'Baby' Ford and lone islanders 'Skye Radio' who close in true dubstyle.


Ross (Solab)

Stand out mix for me here is Def Duplex remix, quality deep detroit techno. Sexy deep sounds.

I really like all the mixes will play Arnes remix too as its also top notch stuff.

Quality stuff.

Arne Weinberg 

My personal favourites are the remixes by The Moderator, Convextion and Peter Ford. I hope for a vinyl or at least CD release of the album.

Andrew Duke Cognition Audioworks 

In a word: AWESOME!  This will definitely get a lot of play from me. Totally up my alley and so glad to see these seeing the light in 2009. Thanks much!

Ralph Böge 

Beat pharmacy dub is my one.

like the fazed balearic summer touch.

Justin Berkovi

Love them all. V nice to see Baby Ford and Mark Archer on there!!

Ian o'Brien 

I like it! Nice music, thankyou.

Erell Ranson 

The originals are true classics for me, and the remixes are so cool !!! My preference is for the dutch people The Moderator and Duplex. Of course the Arne's is really hot, deep and groovy !!!




Yo, thanks for sending. I'm plumping for the Mark Archer remix on this one... Very quirky melodies with solid 909 action and love the detroit strings that come in towards the end.. woohoo!

Laurent Garnier

another proper release on the true sense of Detroit techno music

It's all brilliant . My 2 favourite are  the Beat Pharmacy remix as well as the MArk Archer mix . Will support everywhere


Electric Indigo 

 oh yes! how great  :-)  i'm really into this album! i like all the remixes, but my favorites are the beat pharmacy dub and dave tarrida's remix (just love the cut up hissing).

airplayreview: airplay on, var dj charts

Dave Mothersole:

thanks for these.  berkovi, weinberg, convextion, neutron and ford mixes are all great.  mot sure which i like best yey - maybe berkovi.

will be playing different mixes out and on radio in the comming weeks.


I really like the Peter Ford and Mark Archer remixes the best...  I will definitely play these tracks on my radio show and during my gigs. I will send more feedback after the weekend, as I will have had time to test these tracks out.

Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur Recordings)

Excellent selection. My favs are Florence - The vineyard (Beat Pharmacy dub), Wladimir M. - Evil (The Moderator remix) and Florence - The vineyard (Justin Berkovi dark remix). Thanks for sending over!

Anthony Shakir 

I am feeling the Mark Archer and Peter Ford mixes. they are good and bumpin. will play in my sets.

Gerard Hanson 

Nothing compares to the original mixes, but

these new mixes bring a new twist to some of the most classic techno ever. I like Moderator's version. It captures that original

vibe. I look forward to a new generation

of techno geeks discovering these classics

by way of these new versions.

Guilherme Menegon 

Nice&strong remix pack, with the cream of current techno producers, plus legends such as Baby Ford and Mark Acher. The Moderator and Arne Weinberg remixes are doing it for me right now, maybe because they stay true to the originals attitude and sublime atmosphere. Rescpect!

Maurizio Pustianaz

airplayreview: THE VINEYARD & EVIL REMIXES is the first EevoNext full length and, from my point of view, unfortunately it contains remixes of only two tracks: nine version of The Vineyard's "Florence" and two of Evil's "Wladimir M.". I'm not arguing but, even if the new versions are good, I see an album as an occasion to find many interesting tracks of a certain band/label and it's a pity that for a first full length release this isn't true. Said this, the album sounds great and also the idea to give to different people only some parts of the original tracks (coming from the restored album released the last year) was a good way to stimulate remixers' creativity. The people involved were Brendon Moeller aka Beat Pharmacy, Arne Weinberg, EevoNext member The Moderator, Dutch techno heroes Duplex, Dave Tarrida, Justin Berkovi, Neurotron, Ravemaster 'Altern8 aka Nexus21' Mark Archer, Peter 'Baby' Ford and lone islanders 'Skye Radio'. Everyone mixed their distinctive style with the original track making them sound new, different one from the other and fresh. Dub, techno, electro and minimal are well represented here and you can also find a bonus unreleased and restored remix of  "Florence" reworked by Peter Ford.


Nice alternate remix pack!

Our fav's are;

-The vineyard (Beat Pharmacy dub): Nice four to the dancefloor. Warm summersounds and re201ish voices.

-Evil (The Moderator Remix): Love this Lo Freq Highlighter. Nice basssound.

-The vineyard (Convextion remix): Lost in the dark abyss.....scary sounds.

-Evil (Duplex remix): "Hope they can...."

Michel de hey 

solid package 1+10 are my favourites will support on the radio as well

Taras van de Voorde 

 I really love the Beat Pharmacy dub and the Duplex remix.

The others are not really my cup of coffee.


"Neurotron remix is beautifull! Will play the Dark Remix of Justin Berkovi"

Nuno dos Santos 

Really enjoying the Beatpharmacy remix and Peter Ford remix!!

Tim Wolff 

Exciting album, and some interesting remixers. I will definitely play the groovy mixes by Neurotron and especially Beat Pharmacy, love that one.

Thomas Lauren 

The only track i dig is the Beat Pharmacy dub of Florence - The Vineyard track. The rest is simply not my cup of tea.

Rene Paset 

Mooi pak remixes. Ik heb nog niet alles beluisterd, maar zo te horen is er heel omzichtig en delicaat omgesprongen met de erfenis van Eevolute Muzique. Die Moderat remix van Evil is alvast helemaal raak. Ook die jongen van Beat Pharmacy snapt het. Ik weet alleen niet of dit in de context van een album zal werken (ga ik dit vaak draaien thuis?). Voor dj's is het goud.

Hank Long 

De Dave Tarrida remix is absoluut mijn favoriet. Fijne lome acid track met doeltreffende electro vocals!