Sonic commuter

labelEevo Lute Muzique
producerStefan Robbers
On this 12" Florence shows us how adjust to new rhythmic forms, by listening to the first track, called Robotica. Robotica shows the link between modern technology and today's electronic music. The tools that we have at our disposal nowadays, form a very powerful package to create innovative, original music. The second track is to relax from all the energy-losses, and takes you on a journey with the sound waves. The song is called "it's in the hands", because of the way it was created. It just consists of a digital arpeggiator, creating a steady pulse of bass melodies, and, on top of that, the powerful jupiter unleashes its sound, initiated by the hand of the creator. The backside describes the analogue way of creating electronic music, giving you a track recorded years ago, but still worth being listened to, at least, we feel that way. These songs where partially taken from the Florence album "dominions", released by New Electronica.