2000 And One
Neverending cycle Remastered

labelEevo Lute Muzique
producerDylan Hermelijn, Dano Leeflang and Sandy Huner
“ From the vaults of Eevo Lute Muzique” is a new series of releases on Eevo Lute Muzique/EevoNext Recordings. We are releasing newly mastered classic releases as well as material, never released before and safely stored in our DAT archives for years. Stay tuned for much more to come over the next months.

This time we bring you a complete rerelease of this classic EP by 2000 And One dated from 1992. All audio is completely restored and re-mastered, we think it is a big improvement and it shows what modern studio technology can do with classic techno sound, fitting it right in with contemporary electronic music.

This is the conclusion of a project that started many years ago, when house music was still on an imaginative path. 2000 And One has created dance music that one can listen to at home as well, or even better, listening music, that also can be danced upon. Atmosphere is the key factor here, as the strings take you away, drifting on pulsating rhythm scores, hopefully leading you to thinking, that this will never stop, that this is a Neverending Cycle...