Art Bleek
Message to the dreamer

labelEevoNext Recordings
producerArthur Pochon
Art Bleek is back on EevoNext with a new ten-track album aptly named "Message To The Dreamer. True to form, Art walks the fine line distinguishing House from Techno with his trademark hypnotic and elegant textures. Delve into a musical journey specially designed for the wee hours of dawn, when the promise of the rising day reveals itself in all of its shining glory! Just open your ears and listen to the message…for it is a message to the dreamer…


Nacho Marco (Loudeast, Om, Pacha)
So good lp, into it !

Jermy K (Xanu Radio)
What a great album very coherent and nice warm vibe.

nutownproject (mb elektronics, toys for boys, einmaleins)
thanks for the threat... always a pleasure to check out art bleek

Taras van de Voorde ((Exceptional/Wolfskuil))
Great album! 

Khalil (Triphouse Rotterdam)
Sounds cool!! Great songs! Charlie's asleep is my favourite, deep and dubby!

Neil Quigley (Renaissance)
Strong album, particularly feeling Mass Communication, Distant Self and Sky Harbor. Congratulations! 

Heiko Laux (kanzleramt)
lovely work.cheershlx

simon firth
fantastic album!

axel bartsch (sportclub)
nice!procedure 834 is my fav.

Damien Unbroken (Channel 4/Unbroken Productions)
Yes, some strong, very playable tracks on here, liking 'Man on Wire', 'Innergy', 'Procedure 834'... will download & digest in full!

i really like Art Bleeks stuff, and i think this is a lovely album. definitely supporting :)

Marko Nastic (Easy Tiger)
tnx like this ! will support

Laurent Garnier (F com)
Great album , full support from me

Dario Zenker (Ilian Tape)
Really Nice and Warm Album.Thanks.

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
download for R Hawtin

Matthew Adams (Proton / Hertz 87.9 FM)
Great Album! Love it... at least a hand full of tracks that will get my support!

Anthony Collins
nice deep techno

Charley Ten (BerettaMusic - Detroit)
full of beautiful melodic dreamscapes with exactly the right amount of groove. I love the whole album!

Steve Mill (Urbantorque)
big fan of this dreamy techno style , quality work for sure . well done!

deepchild (Trapez / Resopal Schallware / Anabatic Records)
I certainly enjoy the classic dub-techno elements in this album...

John Digweed (Bedrock, Global Underground)
Had a quickie, but sounds sweet. Will DL

Eelke Kleijn (Outside the Box / GU)
great album. especially like distant self, sky harbour, offland

Very nice and warm tech album! Good athmosphere and nice grooves!Sounds like a progressed form of the old stuff on Kazleramt en Blueprint Records.Thanx Art!

Mateo Murphy (Turbo)
Beautiful album, will go straight onto my ipod!

Luciano Pizzella (Italic, Saw, Factor City, Fortek, Dogtown...)
BEAUTIFUL! thanks for this promo, it's for me, full support

Gideon (Kanzleramt, Sino)
Nice detroit tracks. My fav is procedure 834

A trip down memory lane. Love this megagem!

Christereo (Halfstereo /
Sweet album full of groove and harmony. Will play so much.

Beautiful album, specially like "Message to the dreamer" and "Sky Harbor"

Sonic Union (Lowbit, GU, Proton)
Very nice album! Goes both into cd sleeve and iPod!

DJ Vibe (Kaos, Ultra)
Nice Album. I like all the tracks. But Message to the dreamer and Offland are my favs. Full support. Thanks.

Maetrik (ellum audio)
Great album. very nicely

mitch alexander (microCastle, ie:Morrison Agency)
this is excellent..,will download the entire album,,,thanks very much for this!

Still Rob G / HearDis (Om / Chillin / Endup / Mighty / Mezzanine / Triple Crown)
cool album. very timewriter.

Kazuumi Ishii (Electronic Directory)
Very cool album.

Shake Shakir
great riding tracks. will play in my sets.  anthony shak shakir frictional

Johan Nilsson (DI Radio)
Solid album. High quality tracks with great atmosphere. Supported in our Progressive Channel

Dubble D / Moodymanc / 2020 Soundsystem (2020 vision, Dessous, Tsuba,kolour, Third Ear)
I'm an Art Bleek fan!!! All sounds great on initial flick through! Will download and check out properly!!

Rob Warner (Our House Magazine)
Sounds totally cool and I'm only about half way through it. Dope stuff fom Art!

Micah (Ruhnsong)
nice atmosphere, will have to have a further listen to find a favorite...

Pär Grindvik (Stockholm ltd)
i'm a art fan! looking forward to check this one out, thanks!

Christian Cambas (Bedrock, Devilock, Swift, Audiotherapy)
Lots of good tracks here, will be playing, especially on radio. At this point, "Message To The Dreamer" is my favorite.

Tiernan O'Neill (Armada Music)
Really nice stuff! :) Grabbed me straight away. Will download the entire album!

Mango (Mango Alley)
second track sounds sweet! will give this album a proper listen when i download! thanks!

Jalebee Cartel (Jalebee Cartel/Vapour/BeeF/Frequenza)
sounding awesome, will download all and hear em proper !

Luke Porter
Only 2 tracks into this album on preview here and loving it. Will download all tracks. Amazing stuff!

East Sunrise (Spring Tube, Proton Radio, Particles)
Great album! Support some tracks from this. Thanks

DJ FREDDY (Courtoisie rec.)
Nice album good sound !!!

Sasha Le Monnier (C.O.U. Muzik)
The first two grabbed me straight away! Listening to all, i'm downloading the lot! really super warm and groovy stuff here, great album..Thanks!

Jaksa Pavicevic (A Must Have / Particles / Behaviors)
There's no single tune I don't like here.. Awesome package of tunes for home listening and some good club material.. Perfect 10!

Cid Inc (Bedrock, Global Underground)
Great sounding album. Will support.

Dibby Dougherty (Yello//Baroque)
This is great, full support on all the tracks

Brendon Moeller (Leena Music)
wow, first impressions here is that this is great. art knows the score!

Vadim Griboedoff (DJMag.UA,Subself Records)
very nice atmospheres with oldschool flavour and quality production , definitely dream on!

davehart (i:Vibes / VANDIT)
Deep and powerful stuff here. Great vibe to it.

This is great album!Very good fealing!

Sandji (Particles, A Must Have, Etoka)
Great album, on my player!

Brian Kage (Beretta, Planet E, Echospace, Lumina)
Nice work

Joel Armstrong (Dot Dot Records)
yeah, good stuff.

DJ Meri aka Cylon (ROTD) (Rulers of the Deep)
Very Very Strong stuff! 

Dj Kaine (FG)
Very good album...Full support!!!

David Escudero
Great album, thanks!!!

Sezer Uysal (Baroque Records)
all tracks are produced well done ! will play some tracks for sure ! 

Matt Star (Mainakustik / Mainrecords)
´nice new art bleek release... 

Kenny Substance (PureSubstance/Redflux)
Man On Wire sounding amazing!! The whole album is elegance!! Supporting!

alex dolby
nice album! procedure 834 and offland!!

Marc Dosem (Sino)
Super nice album, thanks

Andrew Duke (Uzuri/Open Concept/Nice & Nasty)
Excellent stuff. Great to have a full album from Art Bleek.

Definitely solid work. Sounds great. My fav is Mass communication.. perfect for club. Also like Innergy. Thanks!

Marcel  Jochmann (Opossum Rec.)
i will definitely mass communicate and send messages to dreamers. top quali shizzle all the way.

Anton Banks (The Vault /
This is a VERY nice release. I really like the laidback , chillout-esque feel to the tracks. I'll be playing a lot off this album.

Hyline (Jetlag Digital)
Great Album, Message to the dreamer is brilliant. very emotional content, full support

Jay Kaufman (Tortoise Shell Recordings)
Man On A Wire is killer deepness.  The second tune is swish.  The third is certainly respectable.  Honestly, I don't know where to stop.  All of these are fantastic in one way or another.  Excellent album with my full support!

Airillusions (Silk Sofa Music)
"Man On Wire" is absolutely great! Some great tunes on this album: "Mass Communication" and "Sky Harbor", for instance. Will play, thanks!

Yura Popov (Carica records)
many nice tracks,!

Boshell/Coherent (Omnis Recordings, Proton & Qaitek)
Will definetly use some if not all of these, very smooth sound, Itop class album :)

Taho (Ovum, Delsin, Lumina)
I'm in love with this album. This is such a piece of art and truly inspiring.

Marcus Stork (Structure STHLM)
A fantastic release from Mr Bleek. Deep, groovy and sexy! 

Pako Vega (Bitter & Sweet Dreams)
Deep, sexy, sometimes Techno sometimes Progressive... Call it whatever you like. But this is just beautiful!

Andreas Bergmann
great album...Procedure 834 & disntant self ...are killers!!!

PROFF (Anjunadeep, Baroque, Alter Ego, Kontakt)
Sounds really cool, will listen more carefuly for sure!

Pablo Bolivar (Regular / Avantroots)
nice title, fine production, amazing progresion, sensual deepness, big album!

Really dig the atmospheres and textures here, really nice lush urban soundscapes.

Stefan Anion (Proton)
beautiful, emotive, groovy. LOVE IT

JAVIER ORDUÑA (Resopal Schallware)
Uff, uff, uff, nice and realy good fellings in this Deep Techno Albun!!! Nice Work, I will play all of them!!

Martynas M (Organzza)
I will second Jeremy K opinion, indeed quality vibes

The Junkies (Rawthentic Music)
Some cool stuff but nothing we would play. Thx for sending

Been a total fan of Art Bleek since his Between Yesterday & Tomorrow Album.... this is totally different, but you still can hear the true musician he is. Great dancefloor-tracks with soul. Message to the dreamer is a massive summertrack...take me to the beach! Good job 4 stars

Nemo/Gurrill (Restructured/Dirty Works)
Beautiful Deepness!  Full support!

Great rhythmic techno, the opening of Procedure 834 is brilliant -- congas vs shakers, reminds me a bit of some of the sweet House coming out of South Africa.

Lars Jacobsen/Elusive (Perceptive/Oslo Nights/Presslab etc.)
My fav pick is "Mass communication", very playful and well produced! Will support.