Wladimir M.
Life, a short story

labelEevo Lute Muzique
producerStefan Robbers
Lyrics and vocals by Wladimir Manshanden

On this record we have tried to state that, it is possible for modern electronic to be emotional, say something that matters, and represent the creators thoughts and feelings. Have we succeeded? That's for you to decide, but please give us chance. The A-side features the revised Planet E, now with an extra statement by creator Wladimir M. The B-side gives you electro-influenced music on the first track, showing you what history tells you about winning and losing, and the outcome of the comparison between these two opposites. In general, it took the producers 1.5 years to sort out their differences and frustrations, and to compromise enough to create the record. Please bear with us and take your time to discover all the layers, hidden beneath the surface of the music.