The Keyprocessor
In the painful quest of Beauty

labelEevo Lute Muzique
producerWilco Boumans
The keyprocessor began his quest over 20 years ago, in a far and distant place (remember that sentence?). Going trough different states on inter human connections, he finally reached the Eevo Lute headquarters, to which he delivered the results of his quest so far. He believes though, that his quest has just begun, and will present you some new prove of that in the near future. On this record, four tracks are telling you something about the person behind the keyprocessor, as well as his musical influences. The A-side was created, while stuck somewhere between Detroit and Sheffield, with the industrial madness driving the beats along. The first track on the B-side shows a moment in time and space, which tells you nothing, but keeps you guessing...On the last track The keyprocessor got some extra input in the form of Eevo Artist Florence, creating a result, which is only to be judged by the listener (as music in general)