Dan Grain
Happy accidents

labelEevoNext Recordings
producerDanny de Graan
With his debut release Happy Accidents Dan Grain takes you on a dark and mysterious journey. Influenced by Detroit, Dub and Deep House, Dan produced an EP with subtle grooves and mystic melodies. The result is three organic but very danceable tracks. Eevonext artist Art Bleek finishes off with a great remix of Falow blue while maintaining the atmosphere of the original!


Feedback Dan Grain Next32 releasedate: 10-01-12

Erell Ranson

My kind of sounds ... A perfect EP, "Progressed" and "Falow Blue (original)" are the tracks for me. Art Bleek's remix is nice too. Thanks !!!

Eelke Kleijn (Outside the Box, GU, Manual)

Like all the songs on this EP! Great debut

Justin Berkovi

Art Bleek remix does it for me!

Stefan Weise (Proton Label Family, Proton Radio)


Jay Kaufman (Park Muzik, Bellarine Recordings, Tortoise Shell Recordings)

Detroit sounds that take me back to a simpler time. Great stuff! I feel like I'm 16 again listening to the sounds of Detroit. Miss T is a favourite. Art Bleek totally on point as usual. Eevo Next still holding it down as one of my favourite labels. Can't wait to play these out Thursday!

Jody Wister! noff (Way Out West) (Way Out West)

Art bleek remix is wicked . def supporting this thanks !!

JAVIER ORDUÑA (Resopal/Amam/Pong/Rubrik/Cuatro)

Progressed is my favorite!! I love this Ep, and I love Evonext!! This is true and real music with Soul!!


bob ross respect! remix is great


Dan is the man. great sounds here, especially the dx sound in processed. lovely ep!

TJ Kong

Lovely EP! Was about time someone sampled Bob Ross (that's him, right?) As much as I love the 3 originals....the Art Bleek remix wins by a nose

Brendon Moeller (leena, edlx, ann aim! ee, third ear, mule etc)

art bleek nails it.

Ian O'Donovan ((Bedrock, BIO, Wolfskuil))

Progressed and Falow Blue orig best for me, thanks.

The Moderator

Hey that is Bob Ross! I am getting laidback already :-) And you can;t go wrong with a load of FM basslines and lush strings.

Adi Dumitra (Snejl, Only, Frisky Radio)

perfect stuff, outstanding ep. all the dubbiness is gentle and warm, love all tracks. of course, Art is nearly about to steal the whole show!

Kazuumi Ishii (Electronic Directory)

Art Bleek remix is the pick for me here, but all three originals are quality. Nice release.

Angel Molina (SonarMusic)

timeless mellow techno tracks, really good work. My support.r

Simon Firth

Loving all of these,great package.

Marko Nastic

nice one! tnx

DJ PQM (KISS FM, Abducted Recordings, Yoshitoshi)

Really like Progressed, will support on Kiss FMrrThank you,rrPQM (Quick)

Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice Magazine)

Nice one. Art Bleek rem! ix is dope as always.

Catastrophic (Tunnel FM)

Interesting stuff, some cool sounds which will be supported on Tunnel FM ;)

Summer (Brendon Collins) (Tulipa / Konsequenz / Manual / Eevonext)

Super deep!! really digging this release, thanks

Charley Ten (BerettaMusic - Detroit)

love each and every one of these deep beauties.

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour | GDJB)

cool will try thanks

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives, Armada, microCastle, friskyRadio, Perfecto, Black )

Progressed is the one that stands out in this package, in my opinion.

Dimitri Kneppers

Great album, thanks!rProgressed is my fav

Vlad Sokolov (Feta Recordings/sokolov sounds)

Deep and relaxing and very old school sounding, will support

Luke Porter (Sudbeat / microCastle / Temporum Music / Mango Alley)

Progressed is really nice

Jaksa Pavicevic (A Must Have )

Progressed is my fav from this generally awesome pack

Alland Byallo (Poker Flat, Liebe*Detail)

Progressed is pretty nice.

Grant Paterson (Edinburghnews,UK)

REally beautiful ep, great work


Nice tracks, Progressed and Miss T are my favorites.

Kassey Voorn (! Bedrock, Cocoon, Sudbeat)

nice release, thanks

Sasha Le Monnier [C.O.U. Muzik ] (Stripped Digital,Source Of Gravity)

Falow Blue both versions and also Progressed sounding lovely, thanks for sending over. Have a great Xmas & New year :) x

Dibby Dougherty (Bedrock, Yello)

massive release, all the tracks sound brilliant thanks x

Nadja Lind/Klartraum (Lucidflow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs)

loving Bob Ross' intro :))) Progressed is my pick here. Also Art Bleek is offering a nice rmx. Thanx!

Russ Gabriel (Mobilee, Ferox, Planet-E, Pariter, Soma)

As usual with VIP. Will try and download now to listen without it crashing my browser. Sounds very good so far! Like it.

Boshell/Coherent/Boseda (Omnis/Proton/Qaitek/Particles)

nice ep, support :)

Sonic Union (Lowbit, Replug, Anjunadeep)

Amazing release! love the organic sounds and textures here! Grabbing the zip!

Johan Nilsson (DI Radio)

Nice oldschool vibe. Progressed and the Art Bleek Remix stands out for me. WIll support

Andrew Duke (Uzuri/Open Concept/Nice & Nasty)

Bleek remix is the one for me. Thanks!

Christereo (Halfstereo /

Very nice! Full support! Do you have WAVs?

David Escudero

Beauty music... I love all tracks, thanks!

Vince Woolums (BnS, KRUI fm)

This is a very solid release, one of my favorite to date! All tracks are wonderful!!

Pixelbreak (Moonchild Records, PromoOne, Global Underground)

falow blue...deep deep deep!

Acid Washed

Beauty techno! Thanks!

Leri Ahel (Mutant disco radio show)

Art Bleek remix is the one for me. Thanks.


Great EP with nice sounds. Nice debut overall!

Pinto (Nëim records)

falow blue original and rmx! my favs!

Kenny Substance (PureSubstance/Redflux/OhrwurmKL)

lovin this ep!!! such organic soundin deep stuffs!