Face infinity

labelEevoNext recordings
producerStefan Robbers
There's a brandnew videoclip of Hohnerker's Delight, one of the album tracks, ready for watching at Terrace Youtube channel.

The idea of the video is to accompany the music. It is is not a videoclip, but a mood enhancer. You can deviate from the images at anytime, to return alter at your own will. Just enjoy the images as you are enjoying the music..

This album is dedicated to infinity. Whilst experimenting with live dubs, the power of coincidence creates special musical moments. The echoes of a tape dub machine appear infinite, as do the decaying reverbs of a spring unit. I found it refreshing, challenging and inspiring to apply these aspects to my music. Freedom of expression through using hand and mind, not necessarily tied together, but applied separately to buttons, sliders, keys and pedals. I only have to watch the sky to realize how beautiful and timeless infinity is. Man has never come to grips with infinity. Confused by the failure to understand that what cannot be foreseen or explained, man created delusions like religion and deviations like war. But I think infinity is delightful, a joy to dive into, to experience and cherish. Looking at the stars, that which lies beyond comprehension attracts me tremendously. Infinity is inevitable, face it.

The cover photo is a nebula, surrounded by many star systems and dust in the cluster IC 1396, located in the constellation Cepheus. It was made by Rolf Geissinger, who was so kind to let me use it. To me it visualizes man in harmony with infinity, a person looming from the star mist. Take a long deep look and then look again. And again. You'll see.


nice stuff in here, thx

axel bartsch (sportclub)
Not For Me

Ryan Sadorus (BerettaMusic)
Lots of delicious deep cuts in this album.  It's obvious that a lot of care went into all of these tunes and there is an interesting flow to the album.  Very well done.  I also enjoy Idma and Starstruck Galazy A LOT.  Great work!

Heiko Laux (Kanzleramt)
lovely stuff. thanks.

Cio D'or (Prologue)
Really nice music! & some good Dubstep tracks, too! Thanks!

ken ishii
Splendid listening album with nice mixtures. Thanks.

Joris Voorn (Rejected)
Nice to hear from terrace again!

Joel Mull
Alot of Nice listening stuff. Thank you! :)

Simon Firth
Some lovely tunage here.cheers!!!

Charley Ten (BerettaMusic - Detroit)
sounds great on my laptop - can't wait to check this out on a real setup. I will post more soon!

Danny Tenaglia (Twisted)

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour Recordings)
Downloading for Markus thnx

Owain K (ADSR Music)
Great mixture of vibes and emotions on this. Cheers!

Tsugi mag (Tsugi Mag)
nice onetx

John Digweed (Bedrock, Global Underground)
Dl now thanks

deepchild (Trapez / Resopal Schallware / Anabatic Records)
Hellsyeah! Dubwise and righteous!

paco osuna (mindshake/plus 8)
download thank u

Miss Nine (Armada, Black Hole, Yoshitoshi)
nice pack

Chris Lake
D/Lfor Lakey,steve parrySMP3 Music