Wladimir M.
Electronic Muzique

labelEevoNext Recordings
producerStefan Robbers & Wladimir Manshanden
"From the vaults of Eevo Lute Muzique" is a series of releases on Eevo Lute Muzique/EevoNext Recordings. We are releasing newly mastered classic releases as well as material, never released before and safely stored in our DAT archives for years.

This find marks the return of Wladimir M. to the label's stable. Originally recorded at the end of the previous century, the Electronic Muzique EP is a tribute to the analogue machines we have come to love and cherish. As techno music starts it's third decade of fame, Wladimir's words are even more true as he explains what electronic music does with our bodies and minds.

Included on the EP are the original ambient versions, the dance floor mix and new Moderator remix. Enjoy!


Airplay by: Dubfire

Laurent Garnier:
Ohh yess , this is perfect for me... Love both techno tracks and all the soft versions -will play this a lot. YEss, Electronic music is also running from my brain
Alex Flitsch: (Connaisseur Recordings)
Really like Electronic Beats!

Acid Washed:



We like the 80s flavour mix with modernity!

Fantastic EP

It will go directly in our next DJ set this week end.

Long life to Electronic muzique!!!

Adi Dumitra (Snejl)

Loving this ... quality techno with a very personal touch on it. will play! thanks

Alex Downey:

Well this mix spells things out doesn't it!

Could use the moderated mix to set the tone but will more likely layer up the electronic beats mix with some kick ass acid track!

Good to hear some shit from the archives guys...keep me in the loop.

Alex Flitsch: (Connaisseur Recordings)

Really like Electronic Beats!

Andrew Duke (Cognition Audio)

The Moderator's new remix really rocks. Love it! Also liking the Electronic Beats and Electronic Space versions of the original. Will possibly chart this. Thanks much!

Anett Kulcsar (Dansor)

Thanx for this nizzze oldschool electro pack, with cool vox! Full support!


Nice release. My favorite track is "Electronic Ambiance".

Christopher Colak (Halfstereo)

Excellent EP!

Kazuumi Ishii

Very nice EP with the Moderator remix as my favourite.

Geoffroy (Mugwump)

Original and Moderator mix are gr88888

refreshing in these current torrents of sterile deephouse.

Thilo M.

Hooray! Wladi's back! Can't wait for the download to finish...

Guilherme M.

Wow!!! Nothing like a new Wladimir M. release to make one remember what techno is all about! Superb!!!

Paul Mogg

Liking the original mix and will be playing it.

Sander (Adepth Audio)

Excellent piece of electro madness.

Original is favourite; where the Moderator remix has a nice twist. Recommended!

Vince Watson

LIked the moderator mix but wouldnt play it out...i imagine the original is gonna be an anthem though...thanks