Wladimir M.
As the leaves fall from the trees Remastered

labelEevo Lute Muzique
producerStefan Robbers & Wladimir Manshanden
“From the vaults of Eevo Lute Muzique” is a new series of releases on Eevo Lute Muzique/EevoNext Recordings. We are releasing newly mastered classic releases as well as material, never released before and safely stored in our DAT archives for years. Stay tuned for much more to come over the next months.

This release was the second ever to appear on the label, simultaneously with the first record ever recorded and released in1991. All audio is completely restored and remastered, we think it is a big improvement and it shows what modern studio technology can do with classic techno sound, fitting it right in with contemporary electronic music.

The classic 'Evil' can still be on dance floors as well as living rooms. With the theme more current than ever, Wladmir M. describes the actions and the dangers of a super power out of control. How prophetic where his words back then? Wladimir tells us that it is not at all a happy world we live in. The leaves don't fall just in autumn anymore. Dominated by massive industrial activity by mankind, all around us Earth is beginning to show that we have done something evil, that is irreversible and non-erasable. This record is a statement that tries to open one's eyes with music, as well with lyrics, and we hope the message appeals to someone. Just realise that change can only be started by yourself, not by others.