EevoNext radioshow on Dancetunes for download


EevoNext radioshow on Dancetunes for download

This month we are happy to announce: The premiere of our appearance on 'Dance Tunes'. A monthly show featuring the music we like, our new releases and live and dj sets by our artists. It will be live broadcasted every first wednesday of the month between 20.00 and 21.00. After the live broadcast, the show can be found here as podcast and download:

The next edition will be live on 7-1-2009.


Feedback NEXT47 Art Bleek release date: 5-09-13

Danny Howels

Rating : 9 / 10

-AWESOME every time .. thank you!!!-

Best Mix : Art BleekProcedure 678 (Original Mix)

Joel Mull Rating: 5/5

16.08.13 14:25 Favorite Track: Procedure 678

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Procedure 678 is a very nice track.

Also like Ocean Park alot with its bleepy bouncy blue vibe.

Thank you for the music

Patrick Zigon Rating: 5/5

15.08.13 21:20 Favorite Track: Procedure 678

amazing ep - love it!

Joris Voorn Rating: 4/5

09.08.13 12:39 Favorite Track: June gloom

June Gloom is lovely!

Martin Landsky Rating: 4/5

15.08.13 21:01 Favorite Track: June gloom

i really like june gloom.....

Acid Pauli Rating: 4/5

22.08.13 16:28 Favorite Track: Procedure 678

Went to the ocean park in June and had a peaceful ride through

the gloom!

Axel Bartsch Rating: 4/5

09.08.13 02:06 Favorite Track: Procedure 678

procedure 678 is definitely the one here, very dreamy but still

enough kick.

Grant Patterson

Rating : 9 / 10

-diggin- this - nice gear.-

Best Mix : Art BleekOcean Park (Original Mix)

Support : Yes

Cosmic Cowboys Rating: 5/5

09.08.13 16:51 Favorite Track: Ocean park

Ocean Park for us, tnx!!! CC

Noah Pred Rating: 4/5

09.08.13 14:00 Favorite Track: Ocean park

Feeling the deep acid vibes on Ocean Park... thanks!

Philogresz Rating: 4/5

12.08.13 16:56 Favorite Track: Rythme sombre



Rating : 8 / 10

-ocean park for me, by far the best track on this release, love the deepness and the acid vibe in the midbassline-

Best Mix : Art Bleek

Justin Berkovi

Rating : 10 / 10

-Superbly produced slick EP here. June Gloom is my favourite but also love Ocean Park, some crazy edits and timing but works.-

Owain Kimber

Rating : 10 / 10

-Immaculate productions from Art (once again), digging all the tracks here. CLASS-