EevoNext Recordings
The End

We would like to inform you that we have decided to end EevoNext Recordings. Our music lives on! Please contact us for additional information and license requests on

Over the years, we have enjoyed cooperating, which has resulted in inspiring contacts with fantastic artists and many wonderful releases. This is why we invested a great deal of time in the label, next to our hectic schedules, and despite the fact that making money in today’s music industry is virtually impossible. Idealism has led us to release high quality, timeless music, but our current work schedules prohibit us from continuing to invest the required time and energy. We have decided to use what time we do have available otherwise.

Estroe will be focusing on her musical advice and productions. And a new label, which allows her to provide a platform to new talent, which she will advise and coach. Our current artist roster is invited to discuss new opportunities. Feel free to submit new music to info -at-

Stefan will continue to manage his IC tech company whilst concentrating on new musical challenges outside the field of dance. He is currently working on ambient and abstract electronic music, amidst test and review work of electronic musical instruments. He can always be reached through stefan -at-

We want to thank you for your beautiful music and faith in us and wish you all the best in your future musical projects. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Warm regards,

Esther en Stefan