FREE Download: Terrace LIVE in Dublin


On november the 26th, Terrace performed live at Dublin's premier techno underground club, Model One. A high quality recording of this live show was registerd by The Archiver and is now available on the Eevo Lute web site as a FREE download.
Please click this link to download the liveset or listen online.
I hope you enjoy my live set, i certainly enjoyed playing it...
Stefan Robbers


“From the vaults of Eevo Lute Muzique” is a new series of releases on Eevo Lute Muzique/EevoNext Recordings. We are releasing newly mastered classic releases as well as material, never released before and safely stored in our DAT archives for years. Stay tuned for much more to come over the next months. The original recordings for these tracks were made in 1991. First vinyls appeared soon after, but only last year, in 2008, a limited edition of remastered editions was done. The original release of the Peter Ford remix was released in 1996 on blue vinyl. The additional black vinyl 12” version is a limited edition (200 copies), a tribute to the remixer and original artist to celebrate the release of the additional remixes on cd and digital formats. Peter Ford was happy to give his impression of the already classic "vineyard" by Florence. The main remix has a bit of an "Ifach" feel to it, and is very much danceable, minimal but with a touch of soul. The big girls blouse shows Peters more subtile approach to the remix phenomenon. The digital release EEVO017R contains three additional, previously unreleased remixes by Baby Ford, all restored and remastered.

Feedback & reviews

Daniel (Erasemusic):

smashing remixes altogether, this should go down well for both the minimal kids and us over 30  ;) . .. Ill be dropping this at my sonar gig with additional live machinedrum remixing ,, cheers


Big Girls Blouse is classic stuff.

Billy Nasty:

Really strong EP my favorite mixs have to be the peter ford mix.

Romeo Soler Botella (Dolcepulgadas):


Nuno dos Santos:

Really like the Swinger version!!

Electric Indigo:

Yes of course i still love it :-)
the long saga mix is also very nice - as well as the vocodal end!

Stefan Riesen (Morrisaudio):

nice release, peter ford is always cool!

Benny Rodrigues:
I love all of them, really great package! also the other upcoming remixes are mighty fine good, possible one of my favourite release of the year! tnx

Maurizio Pustianaz (

Ttis is a release dance floor oriented only and it's useful for djs who want to choose the version that fits best their sessions. I don't see it working for an home use because the tracks sound pretty the same to me.

Norman for dj Hell (International Deejay Gigolo):

Is this part 2 ?? iam a bit confused !! so manny different vineyard version
anyways !! this is the big shit !! killer tunes !!!! wavs for Hell would be superb !!!!