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Please follow this link to download the high quality Mp3 of this live concert.
Making music should be an adventure. Adventure in rehearsing, choice of musicians and in playing live on stage. This idea is the concept behind a special performance, taking place on the 13th of March in Tilburg, the Netherlands

The session, called 'Music from the Lab' unites 5 artists, each making music in a different discipline. They have never seen or heard each other before they meet for the rehearsal in the afternoon. Their task is to combine their forces and play live on stage later that night. They then present the audience with a 1 hour program, developed in the afternoon and making this a surprise to everybody, including themselves...

Session leader is Stefan Robbers from Eevo Lute Muzique, responsible for assembling ideas, as well as beats and electronics during the live performance.

The participating musicians:

Vincent Koreman (guitar, elektronica)
Maximin Randrianarivelo (rap, elektronica)
Henk Koekkoek (sax)
Mayke Nas (piano)


Muziek uit het lab 13-03-2003