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FREE Download: The Moderator's excellent LIVE set at Bootleg dj Cafe, Rotterdam, Holland. Download it here!


Joris Voorn (Rejected)

Woohaa dark and deep!!! Great sounds!!

Hernan Cattaneo

really good

Jody Wisternoff (Way Out West) (Way Out West)

Deep,dark and creepy !! Just what the doctor ordered, will give some radio & club support !

LAurent Garnier (DJ)

Very good ep - will play Terrace Remix - Thanks a lot

Justin Berkovi

Amazing release! Really a strong homage in many ways to the Eevolute of old, updated for the future. Love it. And the Terrace remix is fucking wicked!!!

Dimitri Kneppers

Good work Estroe!

Kazuumi Ishii (Electronic Directory)

I'm really feeling Nightshift. Sick stuff. Duisteritis is cool also.

Erell Ranson

nice deep and dark release ... lovely "Nighshift" & "Slaapliedje". thanks

Paul Mac (Theory / Stimulus/Blueprint/ Kb Records Inc)

Nightshift and Terrace remix both top drawer stuff thanks for the download.

Roberto Rodriguez (Serenades)

Beautiful release!rDuisteritis is my choice.rLovely!


Slaapliedje en Duitseritus are my favs

Art Bleek

Excellent work from Estroe as always.r"Slaapliedje" is my fave.


nice tracks esther. nightshift is my fave on first listen. thanks.

Xpansul (True Type Tracks, Plus 8)

Great stuff here. I'll play!! Thanks!

Adi Du! mitra (Snejl, Only, Frisky Radio)

Duisteritis goes favorited here, although the whole EP is blending deepness which i love. thanks.

Vince Watson (Tresor / Planet E / Delsin / Bio / Fcom / Everysoul)

nice to see 'nightshift' going to a new home :) good stuff

Grant Paterson (Edinburghnews,UK)

Very cool, I'm diggin Nightshift... excellent release! Thanks

Ille Bitch

Terrace Remix!

Eelke Kleijn (Outside the Box, GU, Manual)

Nightshift is my favourite. Great EP again!

Gideon aka Alexis Tyrel (Lessismore)

Duisteritis is my fav, deep and dark.

Paul Hazendonk (Manual Music)

Wow! Slaapliedje is very nice, lovely! Will play the Terrace remix too.

Jay Kaufman (Park Muzik, Bellarine Recordings, Tortoise Shell Recordings)

Nightshift and Sla! apliedje for me. Not exactly club tunes, but might be able to slip them into warm up sets.

Charley Ten (BerettaMusic - Detroit)

Another great EP from Estroe. These will all work for me!

Xpansul (True Type Tracks, Plus 8)

Great stuff here. I'll play!! Thanks!

Philipp Wolgast (Igloo Rec/formResonanc! e)

nice ep, title track and rmx for the club, rest for wint! er mode in general.. ;)

Chris Lake

d/l terrace mix for lakey as i think he'll l! ike, i'll update if he's supporting, cheers, steve parry

Angel Molina (SonarMusic)

always into EevoNext stuff, my support!r

Dibby Dougherty (Bedrock, Yello)

All are wicked tracks but Nightshift stands out for me, super work x

Kenny Substance (PureSubstance/Redflux/OhrwurmKL)

deepness blissful ! nightshift and slaapliedje are awesome!!

Christereo (Halfstereo /

Nceatospheric tunes. I like it.

Vince Woolums (BnS, KRUI fm)

A little subdued for my taste, but! the Duisteritis (Terrace mix) is quite nice!

Jaksa Pavicevic (A Must Have )

Im really into Slaapliedje, but other tracks are pretty nice too..

Johan Nilsson (DI Radio)

Deep and dark stuff. Enjoying it. Terrace remix is nice as well

Tsugi mag (Tsugi Mag)

nice onertx a lot

Kassey Voorn (Bedrock, Cocoon, Sudbeat)

Duisteritis original is nice, thanks

Andrew Duke (Uzuri/Open Concept/Nice & Nasty)

Terrace mix is great.

Stefan Weise (Proton Label Family, Proton Radio)

nightshift and slaapliedje for me. thx!


great, great EP. D! uisteritis is so good!

Acid Washed

Very very good!!!

Charley Ten (BerettaMusic - Detroit)

Another great EP from Estroe. These will all work for me!

Thilo M.

Very atmospheric and very consistent. I like it a lot!

David Escudero

Duisteritis >----♥--> Thanks.

Leri Ahel (Mutant disco radio show)

Nice ep. "Nightshift" is my favorite. Thanks.

JAVIER ORDUÑA (Resopal/Amam/Pong/Rubrik/Cuatro)

I love all teh Eps, and I play and support all of them!! I will play tomorrow in my Club DNZ MAXIME (Madrid) all the ep because I love it!! :)r

pixelbreak (Moonchild Records, PromoOne, Global Underground)

Duisteritis and Slaapliedje for me! thanks

Boshell/Coherent/Boseda (Omnis/Proton/Qaitek/Particles)

All 4 tracks have special moments, nightshift is smooth as they come :)


Very nice EP, Duisteritis & Slaapliedje are really co! ol tracks!

XT3 techno radio

Great release! "N! ightshif t" will be my opening track in next weeks Midweek Sessies. Beautiful track.

Sasha Le Monnier [C.O.U. Muzik ] (Stripped Digital,Source Of Gravity)

coool sounds from Estroe, favs for me here are Duisteritis & Nightshift, thank you.

Vinilette (Dame Records)

Both Duisteritis are for me!! great, thanks!