FREE Download: Art's Birthday 2006


Electronic wizard Stefan worked live from the MCO building in Hilversum, NL,?on the?night of 17-1-2006 from 20.00-0.00 in a 4 hour live broadcast by satellite uplink from 4 internet and 2 satellite live streams, an experimental DJ set combining harmonies and impossibilities. The resulting mix was streamed live via and audible in various countries through the satellite uplink.
The 1 Hour remix of this project was broadcast 2 weeks later and is now available as a free download right here! (high quality VBR mp3, 91MB).
More information on this unique project here.

Stefan Robbers 4 hour special live broadcast: "It all started a 17th of January 1,000,000 years ago. A man took a dry sponge and dropped it into a bucket full of water. Who that man was is not important. He's dead, but art is alive."



Our Anarchy is gorgeous. It's just a really pretty song with great sounds and melodies.I like the vox and saw melodies, and the wavesequences.Liberation is nice too. I like the use of the big saws. Estroe's mix is dreamy

Vince Watson:

Our Anarchy is the best of the tracks here, nice collage of different sounds that suits my sets way more than the others.

sounds like you guys had some fun and memories making this  :)

Future Beat Alliance: 

really love the production on Liberation (original mix) but like it all, nice little package. many thanks

Dave Mothersole:

thanks for these guys.  'liberation' is ace - very much my kind of thing, love it.  proper psychedelic techno.  like the other tracks too especially Estroe's mix which is great.  very cool release.

Anthony Shakir:

a solid release. my favorites are starpath, our anarchy, and estroes mix of liberation. our anarchy builds up tension with its groove. and estroe's mix turns into a stomping track for prime time sets.

Maurizio Pustianaz: 

airplayreview: Formed by Dutch producers Terrace & The Moderator and born initially as a one song project after a Veteran's day celebration in an East-Holland city, Alemo is now releasing their first E.P. titled FUTURE VETERANS. Their techno/trance style is driven by bouncing rhythms and melodic powerful bass lines. The E.P. contains three original instrumental songs "Liberation", "Starpath" and "Our anarchy" plus an Estroe remix of the opening one. Even if "Liberation" is a good tune that will catch the attention of techno lovers "Our anarchy" is the track I prefer because its Miami atmosphere with outstanding melodic layers coupled to a recitative filtered vocal create a great atmosphere. The closing tune, the Estroe remix of "Liberation", is a nice tune which offers a dilated version of the song.

Geoffroy aka Mugwump:

gooood stuff. got all eevolute and terrace stuff from way back. really like these new trax...perfect for the modern dancefloors.

airplayreview: will play on my radioshow too

Chain D.L.K.:

All four tracks very smooth, reminiscent of older Detroit techno (talking mid-late 90's) and very heady.  Not IMO dancefloor friendly, but this is great stuff for late nights, radio play, or a more cerebral atmosphere.

airplayreview: Will play on my KRUI( weekly radio show.  I prefer the tracks "Our Anarchy" and "Liberations *Estroe*" above the others, though Starpath has a great synthy Red Planet feel.  I like Starpath, but am not likely to play it out.

Erell Ranson:

An another stunning release on Eevonext !!! All tracks are great !!! Well done.


Michel de Hey: 

star path,cool club track, full support.


I adore Liberation and Starpath..  I will definitely support this and play it BIG TIME on my radio show.  Thanks so this top release!


Nice oldschool Detroit vibes, lovely ! Love Terrace since day one, respect ! My favourite on this one is "Our Anarchy". Tx !

Alex Downey: 


nice to see some trance elements brought back into the light!

I Have to say that I'm definitely gonna be spinning Estroe's mix...frequently!

And its really great to be involved with the next phase in the evolution of eevolute!

thanks guys!

Christopher à olak ( 

I might say Eevonext is from now on one of my most favorite labels. This release is hypnotic, deep and trance full and is very beautiful. 'Our Anarchy' is like a 65D Mavericks action from the old Blueprint days but deeper. They all work very good in terms of deep. Love it. Estroe Remix is one of the best in the EP.

Dj Linn:

'My favorite: Liberation Estroe Remix!'

Nuno dos Santos:

Our Anarchy & Estroe's remix of Liberation are Ace!!

Sebastian Davidson:

Smooth!!!! Estroe's remix is my pick here!!

Guilherme M.:

Trance! Trance! Trance!!! Bring back the melody and the deepness, techno veterans! Starpath is the one for me here. Well done!

Andrew Duke (

Quality stuff. Will play and chart. Thanks much! Looking forward to hearing more more this duo. :) Charted this release here:

Jeremy ( 

Sounds goods for Liberation & Estroe remix !

Ralph Boege ( 

Estroe mix strips is my pick.

the other versions are a bit too proggy for me.

Francesco Pico:

Nice release, Estroe mix is really cool

Kent Williams:

Liberation -- sweet track with crossover potential.

Starpath - nice italo-influnced track.

Our Anarchy -- classic Eevolute lushness.

Estro Remix Liberation -- streamlines the original for maximum floor potential.

Shinya Okamoto (Reveal, Japan):

Our Anarchy & Liberation Estroeremix is very coolI realy like itI will play on this weekend!