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With the launch of the new EevoNext label we also created a promotional podcast. When there is an upcoming EevoNext release we will post a new episode on our podcast. This way all subscribers will be automatically updated with a promotional copy of the upcoming EevoNext release. As a bonus we will post a monthly mix by DJ Estroe with more EevoNext, Eevo Lute and other quality music. And from time to time our recorded live shows will be added to this exclusive podcast as well!

How to listen to a podcast?

Simply add the URL of our podcast to your favorite RSS reader or to a dedicated Podcast Reader like Juice ( and start enjoying the music. This is the url you'll be needing:

If you are using iTunes as your favorite MP3 player on your PC or Mac, you can can also add our advanced podcast. This podcast will contain? some additional images and makes use of some iTunes only features. Of course users of both podcasts will hear the same music.
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Shake Shakir

the duplex mix of quirky detroit works for me.

LAurent Garnier (DJ)

perfect ep for my radio show --- will present very soon

Hernan Cattaneo

quality stuffr

Vince Watson (Tresor / Planet E / Delsin / Bio / Fcom /! Everysoul)

Duplex remix is the track for me these guys!

Brendon Moeller (Leena Music)

quirky detroit original is a winner! I can't wait is cool. thank you :)

Erell Ranson

very nice ep ... great remix from Duplex !!!

16 Bit Lolitas

GREAT EP..rrAll 4 tracks.

Future Beat Alliance (TRESOR)

Thanks for this , lovely ep . .really nice . . will play out for sure

Kassey Voorn (Cocoon, microCastle, Vapour)

Estroe does it again. support

Kazuumi Ishii (Electronic Directory)

VERY nice all around. Emotional Rollercoaster is my favourite, probably with Duplex remix of Quirky Detroit a close second.

Matthias Vogt // Motorcitysoul

great stuff. quirky d. orig. for me!

Desyn Masiello

awesome music all round, will support thanks

Stephan Bodzin (Herzblut-recording)

good music. like it.

Owain K (ADSR Music)

Classy EP. All the tracks here are really strong. A shame we won't see any of these on vinyl ;)

Justin Berkovi

Just a brilliant emotive release - thank goodness people are still making beautiful techno like this. Favourites here are the original of Quirky Detroit and also 'I Can't Wait' - this is one of the strongest releases on the label so far.

Russ Gabriel (Mobilee, Ferox, Planet-E, Pariter, Soma)

Really lovely EP. Looking forward to playing these out.


Hol! y crap, that bassline in I Can't Wait is killing me! Pure sex, I tell you. Estroe's Quirky Detroit is exactly the type of clever beat programming techno needs. A bold tune. The remix is very cool, though it's a bit of a shame the boys turned the beat back into straight four to the floors.

Adi Dumitra (Snejl, Only, Frisky Radio)

very..very intresting in a good was.. Duplex is awsome! but Emotional Rollercoaster...holy shit! so many emotions in one single track, more, please! probably one of my favourite Eevonext so far, thank you...

Kosmas Epsilon (Epsilon Trax)

one of the very best, special promos i got lately. this one again has the name estroe on it. you're the new andrea parker of techno lady, bigups!!

Luciano Pizzella (Italic,! Baroque , Saw, Factor City, Fortek, Dogtown...)

This ep is fantastic. One of the best promo ever recived. Remember me the good times of deetroit techno but so fresh. My favorite EvoNext release.

More feedback:

Steve Mill (Urbantorque)

Lovely release!rBoth Duplex cuts workin for me , especially his remix

Philipp Wolgast (formResonance/Igloo)

Diggin all 4 tracks, very good music..


Quirky Detroit Uncut version! ;-)

axel bartsch (sportclub)

like all here, very nice vibes! rbut unfortunately the "quirky" link leads just to the remix not the original.

Lukasz Napora (Sound Revolt)

Estroe's originals are definitely for me

Chris Lake

D/L for Lakey, I think he'll like, cheers - Steve Parry SMP3 Music Management

tedd patterson (dj/cielo/vibal/world! )

Quality stuff. All cuts. Thanks for this!

Damien Unbroken (Channel 4/Unbroken Productions)

Lking both the Duplex track and the 'Quirky Detroit' Remix... thanks for sending

Orde Melkle (Soma Records / Slam)

nice release all good trax - will try out - thanx

Tsugi mag (Tsugi Mag)

coooool ep. Classy

Neil (Shaboom, Urbantorque, Dessous)

C! lassy EP

Simon Firth

Great ep liking all 4 tracks!!!


Beautiful ! Ace !

Resident Advisor


Grant Paterson (Edinburghnews,UK)

Quirky Detorit has 'it', brilliant beats and lush melodies. REally like all the trax, really cool

Eelke Kleijn (Outside the Box, GU, Manual)

lovely tracks! Especially duplex's mix of Quirky Detroit, will chart next month

Rob Warner (Our House Magazine)

Quality stuff as always.

East Sunrise (Armada / Inkfish / Spring Tube | Proton Radio / DI FM / AH FM)

I Can't Wait very cool!

Sasha Le Monnier [ C.O.U. Muzik ] (Stripped Digital,Source Of Gravity)

Both Detroit, especially the Duplex is awesome, chugs along sweetly! I can't wait is nice, loving the kinda 80's touch to these, sweet as!

Christereo (Halfstereo /

Will chart this EP i! n my March top 10 list. Pure Rotterdam sound & fantastic collab! Full support also a review from me and lots of radio plays!

Johan Nilsson (Digitally Imported Radio)

Cool stuff. Especially enjoying the Duplex remix

Tiernan O'Neill (Armada Music)

"I Can't Wait" is my favourite on this package! Nice balearic vibes. Whole E.P. is nice to. Thanks!

DJ Lin (Body Condition)

Beautiful release! Quirky Detroit, wauw wauw! How original. I Can't Wait, what a special delicate track. Estroe does it again. Duplex did a very nice job on the remix too. Full SUPPORT!

Vince Woolums (BnS! , KRUI fm)

Sweet early morning vibes here! Quirky Detroit o! riginal mix takes top track of this release, for me.

Vlad Sokolov (Feta Recordings/sokolov sounds)

great production and very beautifull music, nice

Vinilette (Dame Records)

This release is GREAT!! love it ALL, thanks!

Jaksa Pavicevic (A Must Have )

whatta beauty.. nothing less than expected from such a great duo.. big ups

Vasco Ispirian

good stuff, thanks

Anton Banks ('The Vault' Radio show)

Really good stuff! I'll be using all four of these!

Sonic Union (Lowbit, Proto! n, GU, Replug)

Best release on the label so far imho. All really great tracks! Really nice!


Nice release, with the Duplex Remix as winner.

Clarence Brandon (Sound Travels, Drops, PM Deep)

Nice ep!. Great job. Thanks!r

Gideon (Lessismore)

Great EP, 3 of the 4 I really like:)

pixelbreak (Moonchild Records, PromoOne, Global Underground)

love the spacey soundscapes!

Angel Molina (SonarMusic)

fantastic record, very sweety. Duplex remix the one I´ll play. rThanks.

Dibby Dougherty (Yello / Audiotherapy / GU)

4 stunnign tracks as expected here, love it!

Lee Holman (Ferox,Nightvision,No Territory Radio Show.)

nice ep...will listen a bit more...

Acid Washed

This is a great EP. Quirky Detroit is definetly a killer! Lovin´also Duplex Remix.! Thanks for the music.

Dubble D / Moodymanc (2020/tsuba/dessous/neurotraxx/kolour/apparel)

Lovely ep all round....Duplex's re-mix is the one for the floor for me....thanks...

Monica Electronica

Like 'm all a lot, beautifull tunes Estroe! Nice rmx Duplex!

Tim Wolff (Wolfskuil, EevoNext)

Nice & atmospheric EP! My pick is the Duplex remix.

Vadim Griboedoff (Subself / DJMag.UA)

EStroe is on fire

Wehbba (Tronic)

duplex remix of me, nice tune!

Bernd Lösing (XT3 techno radio)

I know why Duplex fell in love with the lead. Great tracks, pecially the Duplex rmx. Full support!

Nick K. (Lowriders, Yoshitoshi,Armada)

liking all estroe stuff, these no esception!

Chloe Harris (further)

love the whole ep. charting.

Pedro Bucarelli (Elektro System)

Emotional rollercoaster is brilliant

Andrew Duke (Uzuri/Open Concept/Nice & Nasty)

Great combination here.

Summer (Brendon Collins) (Tulipa Recordings)

love Duplex - I can't wait and Duplex remix of Quirky Detroit thanks


Fantastic! Quirky Detroit original is my favorite here. Many thanks!

Gonzalo Menoyo

Cool and good production... Th! anks!

Kenny Substance (PureSubstance/Redflux/Ohr! wurmKL)< br>lovin this ep ! deepness quality!!

Dj Kaine (FG)

Sweet release! Will play the Quirky Detroit Duplex remix. Thanks!

Baunder (Baroque-Segment-Pissedoff-Offside-Only-Spinifex)

Very nice EP. 'Quirky Detroit (Original mix)' is pure brilliance, thanks!

DJ Meri aka Cylon (ROTD) (Rulers of the Deep)

great piece of quality music! thanks, full support!

Joel Alter

I like " I Can´t Wait". Thanks!

Paul Iudin (Armada / Proton)

quirky detroit and remix! is very good tracks. thanks a lot!

Ian O'Donovan ((Bedrock, Wolfskuil))

Both mixes of Quirky Detroit are very nice, thx!

Jay Kaufman (Park Muzik, Bellarine Recordings, Tortoise Shell Recordings)

Quirky Detroit is a nice tune, but more as an opener than a club throbber. I Can't Wait is a decent cosmic-disco affair. This is less an E.P. of club bangers than it is of club loungers. Regardless, I like them all!

Urban Breathe (Armada, Perspective, Silk.)

Very good tracks, I can't wait for me. Thx.

Sandji (Particles, A Must Have, Proton Music)

Rotterdamn good baby!

Art Bleek

I like "Emotional Rollercoaster". Nice tune...

Sezer Uysal (Armada / Proton / Loco / Outside The Box / Ready Mix)

Duplex remix is nice ! thanks

Stefan Weise (Proton / Distinctive / Olaris / Jetlag / Polytechnic / Silk)

Amazing!! Can't wait to play all of these

Riyaz Khan (DiversionsRadioToronto)

Duplex remix is ace!

Pablo Bolivar (Avantroots, Regular)

feeling Duplex remix, will use allarround, thanx!

JAVIER ORDUÑA (Resopal Schallware/Pong Musiq/Amam)

Duplex Remix is the one for me!! Great Remix!!


I can't wait is nice !

Inge Janse

Duplex! This has to be good.


Good release! Thanks

Boshell/Coherent (Omnis/Particles/Proton/Qaitek)

Emotional Rollercoaster and Duplex Remix for me :)