Future Beat Alliance

real name(s): Matthew Puffet
period: 2009 ->
website: www.myspace.com/futurebeatalliance
e-mail: info@eevonext.com

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Short biography

Matthew Puffett aka Future Beat Alliance needs little introduction and his modest but mighty discography reflects it. FBA brings back a lost aesthetic to techno utilizing his experienced ear for production and his pursuit for progressing the music with visions of the future.

Matthew (FBA) first started producing and releasing records in 1996 on the now defunct cult void imprint, after a string of singles for void he moved on to record for the revered Ferox label and italy`s Archive label during the late 90`s. his first full-length LP,Disconnected was released on Amsterdam based delsin label in 2000, and he has since released 12” singles on like minded labels Emoticon,Versatile, Suicide, Exalt, Recondite and more recently in 2009 has recorded a single called “Dark Passenger” on Rush Hour recordings where dj magazine gave it featured techno single of the month, this was heavily supported by Laurent garnier, Josh wink, Dan Curtin and many more.

Already in 2009 Matt has been involved in many music projects, firstly being asked to play live at Panorama bar berlin, remixing Danny howells first single ”September” on his new label “Dig Deeper” remixing UNKLE and being a creative input on lavelle`s  new Global Underground compilation. Which brings us up to date with the new LP “Patience and Distance” for EEVONEXT, which explores a lot of ambient and sound scape territory from the FBA vault.

From a very early age Matt has been fascinated by the deep and obscure, weather it was discovering films with amazing sound scapes, Belgium new beat or the electronic sound of Detroit techno, it was the perfect inspiration to shape the FBA sound.


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