real name(s): Allard Krijger
period: 2010 ->

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FRAKnoise was first pronounced in the year 2000 byAllard Krijger. He was born in the previous century. During the unfolding of his life more and more musical instruments came into his possession. Like toy guitars, a whole bunch of flutes, all kinds of different string instruments, percussion, piano’s and organs,…. And then suddenly he owned a synthesizer. (a Casio CZ101 as a matter of fact…). Followed quite rappidly by many others. He started to make frakking noises and thus FRAKnoise was said and done. These sounds inspired him to a first project: ‘the Exploration of Non Existing Musical Instruments’ (ENEMI). Only two or three tracks are salvaged of that project, among those a track were you can hear the teeth rattling piercing sound of the Ahnia. Done that, he began to make ‘music’ as well. Influenced by all kinds of genres. Like classical, progressive rock, ethnic and experimental electronic music. Especially musicians and composers like Peter Hammill, Mike Oldfield, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, J.S. Bach, Alfred Schnittke and Dick Raaijmakers were important. As a composer/musician he joined the foundation of Composers Of superfluous Music (Componisten van Overbodige Muziek - As such, he released a second project: the Fables of Allard Krijger (2001). A concept album with a couple of fables, pondering about the merits of life in general. After that, he was so busy sorting out his own life that all projects came to a grinding hold. Until now….

In 2010 FRAKnoise has several projects running like:

    • IBMInterBabylonianMusicals- a conceptual (video) album about communication.

    • ERG -Elexotic Recipe Gestures/Elexotische Recepten voor Geluid- (a collaboration with the experimental guitarist Ruud Peeters; experimental improvised electronic music)

    • IMS – InstruMentoyS / Iets Met Speelgoed - (music made with toys)

    • Thereminvox (classical pieces and popsongs for guitar and theremin in a multimedia setting; Allard plays a custom build theremin, Ruud his classical guitar),

    • ElkaTronic (a completely demolished Elka organ hosts a variety of sound making things and effects. No computers are allowed).

Above these projects FRAKnoise is into ‘moving artwork’, especially with the modern iPods and smart phones in mind. The IBM project (InterBabylonianMusicals) is a good example of that venture.