East Island

real name(s): Peter & Tonie van der Loon
period: 1996 -> the future
website: http://eastisland.hyves.nl
e-mail: eastisland@gmail.com

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East Island Hyve

Short biography

Like the name suggests, the melancholic ambient trance of East Island originates from the isolation of the Dutch eastern farmlands. Far away from the club scenes in the west and south, the twin brothers Tonie and Peter van der Loon formed and evolved their own view on electronic music. Years in the past, they were already active and made dance music with primitive means. As their equipment became more powerful, and their individual personalities grew over the years, their music became broader and deeper.

Their debut release on Eevo Lute Muzique, a combined release with Florence: Assembled 019/020, marked the score in the spring of 1996: Rhythmic and beautiful dreamy ambient music, which has it’s ties with other great names in the line of music, but which most sincerely has a mind of it’s own. This debute release also is a starting point for a live-set, which has the same melancholic, outerspace feel their music had in the studio, but combines it with inventive technobeats, which serve the dance crowd very well.

Over the years they kept on releasing records on various labels such as AW-Recordings, Downlow Music and most notable; ‘Sadly Brain’ a free downloadable ambient album on the netlabel Ear. In 2007 East Island explored the domains of soul, funk and deephouse together with The Moderator under the Grandcru alias this also marked their return with a new release on EevoNext Recordings.