Dan Grain

real name(s): Danny de Graan
period: 2012 ->
website: http://www.dangrain.com
e-mail: info@eevonext.com

Artist information

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Short biography

Although Danny de Graan (AKA Dan Grain) worked and still works in the contemporary art music scene as a composer, his career started in the early 90's in the dance scene.

As one of the producers of the group Cyberlab, he released several EP's and performed in the Netherlands and Germany, sharing the stage with artists like Yves de Ruiter, Sven Vath and Paul van Dyk e.a..

Music studies at the University of Amsterdam and Portsmouth England and later at the Rotterdam Conservatory, kept him from pursuing a career in the dance scene. Yet, he retained a strong feeling of connection to the music, especially to groovy, atmospheric, dark and melodic techno and house.

Working as a contemporary art music composer he has written many compositions for all kinds of settings ranging from small and large ensembles, vocalists, (microtonal) organ, harpsichord, pan flute and much more. Recent work consists of a mini opera about Facebook and a composition for feedback only controlled by 4 players and a computer.

In 2003, Danny de Graan remixed the classic "O Superman" by Lauri Anderson twice for the infamous record label Staalplaat.  That was the impulse that reignited his interest in dance music.

In 2008, he made a demo which received great responses from Dave Clark, among others, and motivated him to start producing again. Danny draws his inspiration from many genres, ranging from Dance, Jazz, Folk, Rock, Pop and Classical music.