Colin McNeil

real name(s): Colin McNeil
period: 2012 ->

Short biography

Colin McNeil has composing electronic music for a very long time. Almost for his entire life he has been creating his work. He knew that from a very early age he wanted to write music. But not just music -  electronic music. It only took one listen of one album to help him decide that. The album was Jean Michel Jarre's "Equinoxe". To Colin, Equinoxe was the gateway to another world. That world opened his ears to the likes of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Tubeway Army etc. He stepped through that gateway and never looked back.

He grew up in the town of Erskine - a satellite town of Glasgow in Scotland. He started composing using a C64 computer as a sequencer, a Casio SK-100 and a Korg monosynth. Throughout his teenage years, he was keyboard player in a number of different bands. And although these bands were not what one would refer to as "Synth" or "Electronic" bands (they were indie and funk bands), playing in them taught Colin many lessons that would come in handy later down the line.

Although he played in successful bands and produced tracks for other artists during the 90's, his first real successes as an individual artist came in the early years of the new millennium. He was asked to work as the in-house producer for Redemption Records in Birmingham. There he set up his own sub-labels "Ritual UK" and "Neptune Express" with releases on both labels receiving critical acclaim.

He then spent 2005 - 2012 focusing on composing and sound design for adverts, documentaries and short films. In terms of dance music he has been just a little under the radar in the last few years (he did have the "Bits Ep" out on DOGmusic under the name K-15 in 2008) but all that is changing again. In August 2012 saw the release of "Deep Magenta Stars" on Vince Watson's Bio label. It received a great response internationally and marks yet another change in Colin's music career.

2013 looks great. A return to writing dance music is well over due.

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