real name(s): Avigail Baas
period: 2008 -> the future
website: http://www.avigail.tk
e-mail: info@eevonext.com

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Avigail is a twenty-something female Dutch citizen, who has made music for as long as she knows. She's been mainly influenced by the music she hears. Like the music her parents listened to when she was young (though she cannot recall what it was), and maybe also in the music she studied during her early age piano lessons (including East-European composers like Bela Bartók).

What she sounds like? As she puts it herself: "my music sounds like me. It does." However, some people prefer a description of something they can relate to (already). For those people here are gathered a few artists who might be considered to sound like her: Radiohead, Björk, Tori Amos, Enya...

Avigail started composing stuff at the age of ten; short pieces for the piano written down by her piano teacher. As she grew older, she started to write "songs". She wrote many of them, one song called "Frozen" even participated in a Dutch national contest when she was fifteen, and what's more, she made it into the finals. Unlucky for her it remained unselected for a final lineup; it was found to be unmatchable with the other songs (and it didn't even sound like the Madonna song, mind you!).

Serious stuff started to happen when Avigail turned sixteen; she got a synthesizer for her birthday and was finally able to record and mix her own music. Avigail has been doing this for over five years now, and you can listen to the results on this website and her myspace. Making music has recently become a rewarding business. Last fall her song The Other Side won the audience award in the 100% AF-contest and thus provided her with Digidesign's Mbox2Pro, Protools LE and the Music Production Toolkit.

Avigail's songs are about life as she sees it. She will never explain her thoughts by using just the proper words to name things. She paints her view on things with metaphores consisting of words and sounds, creating, as she puts it, 'a landscape of meaning for those who are willing to listen to this melancholic with a huge smile on their face'.

Nowadays Avigail spends her days studying musicology at the university of Utrecht, making music and trying to expand her music business.