Art Bleek

real name(s): Arthur Pochon
period: 2009 ->

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Short biography

Arthur Pochon (aka Art Bleek) started studying piano at age 6. He enrolled in the conservatory at age 9 to study saxophone and music theory. He graduated from the prestigious institution 12 years later. During his years of study, Arthur played in various musical ensembles, ranging from chamber groups to full orchestras. He listened primarily to classical, jazz, world as well as electronic music and started composing original material on a 4-track tape recorder.

In 1996, he left to Boston '92s Berklee College Of Music on a full scholarship to attend their summer music program. This trip proved to be a life-changing experience and gave direction to Arthur\'92s artistic choices. Starting in 1997, he found employment in major Paris recording studios where he developped his knowledge of the recording and mixing processes. At that time he began equipping his home recording studio with audio gear. This allowed him to produce his own music at home, which projects ranging from atonal, experimental work to electro and nu-jazz sonorities. He also scored music to short films, documentaries and contemporary plays during that period.

In 2001, his music drew the attention of several recording labels which released tracks on various compilations under the Art Bleek name. He started actively performing on the Paris club scene as a saxophonist alongside deejays and with various projects. At this time, he also started spinning an eclectic blend of jazz, nu-jazz, broken beats, bossa-nova, world, soul and rare grooves records in hip Parisian bars and restaurants.

Toward the end of 2004, Arthur signed a recording contract with British label Loungin '92 Recordings. The label released his first CD album and a single taken from the album. Toward the second half of 2008, two EP'92s and a second album were released. 

Arthur is working with various labels such as EevoNext Recordings (The Netherlands), Loungin' Recordings (UK), Rush Hour Records (The Netherlands), Connaisseur Recordings (Germany), Resopal Red (Germany), Kubism Records (Germany), Part2 Records (UK), Sick Trumpet Records (UK), Klakson Records (The Netherlands), Night Drive Music (Germany), Good Mood Music (Germany), Queep Organic House (UK), mOAR (USA), Room With A View (Germany), Sounderground Records (UK)

In addition to being an accomplished musician and producer, Arthur also wrote the screenplay for his first short film, which he directed in 2004. The short movie was released as a bonus DVD included in his first CD album. He also wrote the original score for it.


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