Arjuna Schiks

real name(s): Arjuna Schiks
period: 2012 ->

Short Biography

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Artist information

Arjuna breathes music. already at a young age this unrestrained pure-bred amsterdam producer found his way to his parents' new age shop, discovering experimental world music and ambient. fueled by his experiences with electronic music, thanks to artists like johannes heil, anthony rother and der dritte raum, he laid the foundation for his own distinctive melodic and energetic music style. in the meantime, after some years filled with critically acclaimed releases and live shows, arjuna managed to fullfill his reputation as musical talent by far.

His first release already delivered him a top 5 hit, when he and rapper willie wartaal (from popular dutch band jeugd van tegenwoordig) formed one-off duo aka the junkies and came up with the lovely gem 'konijntje' (little rabbit). easy to say, the song got the whole of holland wobbling on its foundations. for arjuna this also meant the start of a series releases on labels like gem records, wolfskuil records, all is one records, manual music and international imprints like traum, trapez, mbf and einmusika recordings. all were met with raving reviews, renowned online music editorial 365mag even recommends his records to everyone who wants to know how electronic music will sound in the future.

Arjuna's style moves on the borders of ambient and tech-house, containing parts of classical film music, but remains danceable at all time. his productions are saturated with intense synths and melancholic melodies in which dark electronic elements get alternated with warm sentiments. a description perhaps most fitting comes from amsterdam 'night mayor' isis, claiming arjuna “makes

the human sound through the machine”. like no other he knows how to stow a particular feel out of the speakers, seeping in your ears, unleashing emotions.

With his live sets arjuna already made fame on venues and events like mystery land, valtifest, time warp holland, loveland, paradiso, amsterdam dance event, all is one, studio80, stubnitz and welcome to the future. right now, nothing seems to stop this amsterdam skulker sharing his passion for music with the rest of the world.